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About Me

I have been a wedding photographer for 28 years now and I still love doing it. No two weddings are the same, each one offers different photographic opportunities and challenges.

People often ask what my style of photography is? I would say my style is fairly traditional with a contemporary twist. I believe a wedding needs an element of formality and structure in order to rub smoothly. It is , after all a one shot deal, there is no going back once the moment has passed because a shot was missed.

Lots of photographers these days only offer fly on the wall/reportage style photography which a lot of modern brides and grooms want, but I find parents and family members often feel very disappointed if there are no formal group shots. What most couples don't realise is that the vast majority of natural looking shots they see in bridal magazines and on photographers websites have been set up and posed in order to look natural. My coverage offers the best of both worlds, combining the formal group shot coverage with creative, natural looking portraits of the bride and groom. 

A high percentage of my business is from customer recommendation, which for me is the best way of knowing if I have got the formula right.

If, having looked around my site, you feel I may be the right photographer for your wedding day, please contact me to arrange an appointment or to discuss your requirements further.

Telephone: 020 8657 3152

Mobile: 07957 274255



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